Tricks To Help You Break In Your Blonde Frontal Lace Wig

Tricks To Help You Break In Your Blonde Frontal Lace Wig

Blonde hair is one of the most sought-after hair colors, especially in Western nations. This is why blonde frontal lace wigs are common. Women with naturally blonde hair have received preferential treatment and praise from society from ancient times. Traditionally, all other women could wish that they had blonde hair. However, in this digital age where you can change anything you want about your appearance, your natural hair color does not matter. With wigs, you can rock any hair color you wish. Nowadays, all women can become blondes whenever they want. Blonde wigs are available in various types, like blonde lace front wigs. This post discusses what you can break in your blonde frontal lace wig.

How to break in your blonde frontal lace wig

Contrary to popular belief, when you get a new wig, you can do things to break it in before walking out with it on your head. Doing this makes it more presentable. Most people comb their wigs and assume that they are good to go. Below are some tricks for breaking in your blonde frontal lace wig;

1.      Trimming the lace of your blonde frontal lace wig

The first thing you will notice with your frontal lace wig is the lace sticking out at the front of the wig. Most people assume that this is the lace they are supposed to glue to their hairline. However, when you get your new blonde frontal lace wig, the first thing you must do is to put it on and trim the lace. Ensure to secure it on your head before doing this and follow your hairline’s outline when doing this.

2.      Look into the shininess of your blonde frontal lace wig

You can manipulate the shine of your frontal lace wig, blonde or not. This means that you can either make it more or less shiny. With a blonde wig, less is always better. The shinier it looks, the less authentic it looks. You can make your blonde wig look less shiny by washing it with dry shampoo. This will dull the shine. However, ensure that the shampoo is formulated for blonde hair, like blonde-tinted dry shampoo. You can also run a dryer sheet through your hair using a comb with wide teeth.

3.      Tweeze the front hairs

The next trick is to pluck out some of the hairs at the front of the wig using a pair of tweezers. Doing this will give it a more natural look. However, ensure not to overdo it when doing this, as it could damage your new wig and make it look worse. You can also trim some of the front hairs to create baby hairs.


Blonde is a great hair color that comes in different shades; there are darker or warmer and lighter blonde hues. This is a factor you must consider when making the best choice. The tricks above will help you make the wig look better and last longer. If you do not trust yourself to achieve the tricks above, you may need assistance from a professional.