LED Lights the Best Alternative for HID Lighting

LED Lights the Best Alternative for HID Lighting

There are different types of lighting when it comes to sports field applications. The traditional lighting includes halogen, metal halide, and fluorescent. And the LED lights are the latest and the recommended lighting for stadiums, football fields, and others. These lights have their limitations and benefits.

In this post, we will discuss why LED is the best alternative for traditional lighting. Before we differentiate these light fixtures, we will describe each type first.

Halogen Bulbs

One of the oldest type lightings is the halogen bulbs. These bulbs use a filament that becomes hot when electric current passes through. The bulbs produce a lot of heat when in use. Halogen bulbs are energy inefficient. The bulbs consume a lot of energy that leads to high energy costs.

Metal Halide

Metal Halide functions the same way as the fluorescent. Unlike halogen with a filament that glows when lighted, metal halide has gas that glows. As compared to halogen bulbs, this lighting fixture does not emit too much heat and is more energy-efficient. However, it has dangerous chemicals in their coating, which is considered dangerous to our health.

Limitations of Traditional Lighting

Using traditional lights in a sports stadium is not recommended because of the following:

Generates a Lot of Heat

One of the biggest disadvantages of using these traditional bulbs is that they produce a lot of heat when in use. Competition done in a sports field involves a lot of activities and workouts. Because of this, the athlete’s bodies produce a lot of heat. It is not only the players and the coaches who are present during the games, there are lots of spectators as well.

If you are playing in an indoor stadium, you do not want to heat the place more once the lights are opened. High temperatures can speed up the wear and tear process of the bulbs. These bulbs may be cheaper, but they have a shorter life span. The running costs are much higher, as you will need to replace them frequently.

High Maintenance Costs

Traditional light bulbs are much cheaper as compared to LED lights, but they consume a lot of energy. Thus, increases the monthly consumption of energy, which makes them uneconomical. Also, these bulbs do not last longer, unlike LED which can last up to 20 years. HID and halogen bulbs usually last for only a few months.

Poor Light Distribution

Incandescent lights and metal halide are expected to light the area in all directions. However, when used in a bigger venue it has its limitations. To light a sports field, you need something that can reach a wider range to be directed in a wider range.

And this is where LED lights are best for. LED lights are reliable when it comes to controlling light and ensures that there will be less light lost. Unlike the halogen, fluorescent, and metal halide bulbs, more lights are lost thus increasing light pollution.

So, what is the better alternative for these traditional sports lighting?

Definitely, without a doubt, the LED bulbs are the perfect choice for stadium lighting. As compared to traditional lights LED has a longer life span and uses less energy that gives you a lot of savings. Also, these bulbs distribute light very well giving the optimal lighting solution to the stadium. If you want to know more about lighting a stadium or sports fields visit the Huadian lighting website.