How to Determine the Type of Laptop Battery to Buy

How to Determine the Type of Laptop Battery to Buy

A laptop battery will with time stop holding the charge. You will end up replacing the battery even if takes years to get to this stage. When the battery no longer holds charge, you should check and see the type of battery you should replace. For example, Batterie ASUS A41-X550E is designed for ASUS laptops. It is advisable to replace the laptop battery with an original one from the same brand.

Have a Look at the Laptop Battery

An easier way of determining the type of battery is to unplug and turn off the laptop and then have a look at the battery. Usually, the battery will have printed information on it. This includes the type of battery, part number, model number, current, and voltage. The common type you will get is the lithium-ion battery. There are some laptops that come with nickel-hydride and nickel-cadmium batteries.


As you know, you cannot remove all the batteries. Therefore, you can find some third-party utilities, which you can use to know the exact type of battery you should get for your laptop. You can find a lot of information about the battery online. For instance, you can gather details about your laptop battery and how to replace it.

Laptop Manufacturer

It is advisable to look for a laptop manufacturer when you want to buy a replacement battery. That is because batteries from other brands and manufacturers can void your warranty. Moreover, they may not be tested rigorously. As you know, laptop batteries can easily explode. Therefore, you want to ensure that you get the right replacement.

Avoid Recalled Batteries

If you purchased a new laptop and it is having battery problems, you should check whether the specific model has been recalled. Most manufacturers share information on their websites about batteries, including recalls and installation tutorials. You can even use free software to find out whether the battery has been recalled. When you discover that the battery has been recalled, you do not have to remove it from the laptop. Instead, you should call the laptop manufacturer.

Even if the casing looks similar, you should not change your laptop battery unless it has been configured to accept different types of batteries. That is because the recharging of a battery varies from one type to another. Remember that when a battery has not been used for long, it starts to discharge itself. It does not matter how good you take care of the battery, you will have to replace it after 1000 recharges.

You should avoid running your laptop without a battery. That is because the battery is the capacitor that protects your laptop from the voltage peaks. Nowadays, batteries are available in a variety of sizes and manufacturers keep changing them. This means you are likely to experience challenges when it comes to replacing your laptop battery in the future. You should only be concerned if you are planning to use the laptop for many years to come. If that is the case, then you should purchase a spare battery before it runs out of stock.