How to Check if Your Dell Battery is Legit

How to Check if Your Dell Battery is Legit

Dell is one of the most renowned computer brands in the world. It has gained popularity for its reliability. Dell's laptops are also known for their dependability and strong performance. Creatives have been keen enough to venture into one of Dell's XPS 2 laptops. On the other hand, gamers love Dell's Alienware. Compared to mid-range laptops, Dells are also budget-friendly laptops that should satisfy consumers who need a slightly reliable system for computing their tasks.

How to assess a battery and its legitimacy

When shopping around for a new laptop, there are several good reasons to purchase Dell. But, with several makes coupled with models, it may be overwhelming to decide. That explains why experts put together a list of elements to look into when making a purchasing decision. Other than selecting the right laptop, it would help if you also verified that the battery is legit. Here is how to accomplish that.

a. Research battery types by checking reviews online

Getting a Genuine Dell Battery or any other for that matter is frustrating. That is because of the high rate of counterfeits on the market, including online stores. People have asked how to spot a fake one from a real one.

When researching, ensure that you look for a legit store. Do not purchase from a roadside seller or just any online store. That is because if things go wrong, you would not be able to claim a refund. It would also be impossible to email them about the battery.

b. Buy from a genuine, legit store

When buying a laptop battery, say for replacement, it is advisable to purchase from the main store where the laptop got purchased. Laptops purchased from the original stores are known to be genuine. So are their batteries.

c. Check the logo appended to the laptop battery

Ensure that the battery has a logo. Fake batteries come without one, and that is how to tell that they are not legit. For instance, if you have a dell cell battery with a 4000mah capacity and wanted to purchase one but discovered the 5200mah, you should question the standards of the product.

How long would the battery last if it was legit?

Rechargeable batteries often wear out with time. Their usage also wears out. And as time cumulates, the performance of the battery deteriorates. For an average user, a noticeable time reduction will be noted in 2 years. If you are a power user, then the time reduction will be experienced in about 18 months. It is highly recommended that you buy a new battery for your Dell laptop.

Final Thoughts

Fake batteries do not come with a logo. Fake batteries are also cheap. Therefore, if you enjoy the cheap battery, just know that it must cost you in the long run. Not to say that the fake ones are costlier, but most fake batteries can last 12 months. Others may last 8 months or less. After reading this, I best believe that you should differentiate between a fake and original battery. Note, it's your vigilant nature that will help you get a genuine dell replacement battery.